My Love Is Like Confection




Hair: Doe:  Batty (solid) – Colors  @Epiphany

Headband: Ninety– Bow Fairy Pink HeadBand

Kitty Ears: +Half-Deer+ Princess Twinklefluff – Kitty Ears – Pink Diamond

**sponsored** Eyes: {S0NG} :: Bomi~ Blue Eye TY!<3

Glitter EyeShadow: Izzie’s – Glitter Pollen Eyeshadow pink

**sponsored** Lipstick: .ARISE. Jenna Lips (Naturals)  Tone 9  @The Crossroads TY!<3

Collar .tsg. Candy Necklace Gift~

Necklace:  .tsg. Candy Heart Necklace VIP Gift

Bracelet: .tsg. Candy Bracelet Gift~

Dress: Foxes – Dead Cute – Dress – Pink @Epiphany

Tights: Schadenfreude Pinkstar Stars Star Tights

Tail: Altair cat tail .pink.

Garters: .Quirky&Dreamsicle. – Sweet Tooth Garters – Pink

Shoes:  .tsg.  Candy Plats – Unicorn

Pet Llama: +Half-Deer+ Lovely Little Llama – Glitterpink

Ice Cream: Quirky – Bearsicle Pops – Bearasus RARE

Jack O Lantern: 13 –INIA- This is Halloween GACHA -Jack-O-Lantern-  Pink

Decorations: Lost Junction   Slumber Party – 80s Cupcake, QUIRKY halloween – Candy@Epiphany 

**sponsored** Ice Cream Sandwiches: UnKindness -Ice Cream Sammich Bench @Candy Fair TY!<3

Pose: {PM} Lexi 3

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