Something Evil Is A Brewing



**sponsored** Head Dress & Shoulder pads, Bracelets, rings and Face/Body Scars & Steak: Suicide Gurls Corvus Obbiit Gatcha – Ante Bellum Gatcha @Fantasy Gatcha Carnival TY!!!<3

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Tempest

**sponsored** Harness Set: Haste Shinju @Fantasy Gatcha Carnival TY!!!<3

**sponsored** Upper Tattoo: [Demonic] Charon Tattoo @Fantasy Gatcha Carnival TY!!!<3

**sponsored** Lower Tattoos:  [Demonic] Rajjal Tattoo & .:AS:. Malio Tattoo @Fantasy Gatcha Carnival TY!!!<3

**sponsored** Skin: alterego I taryn – slate @Fantasy Gatcha Carnival TY!!!<3

**sponsored** Eyes: .ARISE. Lana Eyes  Black @AnyBody TY!!!<3

**sponsored** Nose Piercing:  .ARISE.  Nose Ring Black @The Thrift Shop TY!!!<3

Septum: PUNCH  Spiral Septum Swirl

**sponsored** Staff & Book (with emitters): Anachron – Magic Items Gacha – Staff of Death &  Book of Chaos(with emitters shown) @Fantasy Gatcha Carnival TY!!!<3

**sponsored** Altar: Rekt Skull Altar TY!!!<3

**sponsored** Altar Items: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Wizard Room Gatcha (lrge cauldron, magic ball, & open book) &  ::B&C:: Wiccan Cauldron ,  Sacrificial Athame @Fantasy Gatcha Carnival TY!!!<3

**sponsored** Mirror & Rug: unKindness – Charmed Parlor Set TY!!!<3

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